04. January 2019
If you are familiar with Peter Thiel’s book, Zero to One. Where he provides a very concise definition of vertical and horizontal progress.

13. November 2018
Wow! What a great demo session equipcast inc. had last week at Darcy Partners Applied Analytics Forum for Oil & Gas We provided a live demo of our product ECSecondSight™ for some great operators.

13. September 2018
Equipcast was selected to participate at this years The Rice Alliance's 16th Annual Energy and Clean Technology Venture Forum on September 13, 2018. It's the largest energy and clean technology venture capital conference in the southwest.

26. July 2018
We actually did a live demo on the fly of our Digital Oilfield Solution!!!

16. July 2018
Too expensive, too difficult to use and it does not cover everything. ECSecondSightTM is your answer

09. July 2018
Hello All! We're very excited regarding equipcast inc.'s presentation at this year's URTeC (Unconventional Resources Technology Conference) July 23-25, Houston, TX George R. Brown center.

15. May 2018
Equipcast was submitted as an Disruptor for Drillinginfo’s 2018 Energy Disruptors Summit.

30. April 2018
Here we go! Today equipcast inc. is pitching at this years #OTC2018 #RiceAlliance Startup Roundup! We’re presenting our game changing Self-Learning Smart Oilfield Operational Models. Our integrated approach diagnosis equipment health in near real-time. This allows operators to lower costs & increase uptime!

12. April 2018
Morning all! There’s been a last minute change in the speaker lineup in annual Permian Basin Symposium, 2018.

10. April 2018
Hello All! We're very excited that equipcast inc. has been selected to participate as one of the emerging energy technology companies to present at The Rice Alliance Startup Roundup at OTC on Monday, April 30 2018. We're looking forward in seeing both familiar and new faces at OTC!

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