Who is equipcast?

We are not a data platform company. We're an enterprise operations company.

Equipcast provides an operations platform that leverages your existing infrastructure. SCADA, PLCs, Instrumentation, Automation, Data Platforms, Analytics, and others. We provide a Self-Learning, Real-Time Risk Asset Health Indicator. That provides an underlying systems approach to mitigate risk. 


From hydrocarbon to low-carbon energy production, power generation, and supply chain. Our focus is on mission-critical applications where unreliable infrastructure is not an option. Weather can be incorporated to determine equipment and supply-chain health. 


Our AI-based Platform. Monitors the health and associated risk of the ability of the equipment. Subsurface instrumentation can be tied in to meet functional and production requirements. Thus assisting operations to make informed operational decisions.


Our holistic systems approach to operations. Helps increase worker safety by reducing the risk of exposure to hazardous events, reducing the environmental impact via reduction of power usage, leak detection, and emissions monitoring, and increasing operational efficiency via automation and advanced predictive asset health. 


  The solution to your industrial AI based operations

An Industrialized AI Platform to lower opex costs.

We offer a scalable SaaS Cloud and Edge solution. That is energy, equipment, instrumentation, and data agnostic. It costs lower to operate and easy to use. 


We provide a Generative AI Neural Network based platform. That allows for the creation of prognostic real-time insights. Based on engineering end user needs. 


Why choose us?

Our modern technology requires no capex.

Since the beginning, we have been focusing on simplifying Data Science and Machine Learning for reliable day-to-day operations. 


Resulting in delivering the

first-of-its-kind platform for the energy production and operations. An AI based system in your pocket.


We have the first Working scalable Industrial AI Operating System in the Permian Basin. It can be applied to both hydrocarbon and low carbon production. 

The operating system

Implement in Weeks. Not months, to solve problems right away.


We have done all of the heavy lifting upfront.


We have the automated tools to clean, parse and compress your data for operational advanced analytics. 


Up to 80% data compression has been achieved in use cases.

Scalable and economical

We are the solution for your enterprise.


How can we do more with less? Can you scale per our budgetary needs? Do you offer data

science remote services?

  • Business and operational outcomes
  • Leverage your existing infrastructure
  • Mobilized field data science

Outcome based

Key Use Cases

Investing with James West of Evercore Podcast

Investing with James West of Evercore. Bringing “on demand” to the oilfield with equipcast CEO Sergio Tuberquia
A big thank you to Texas Ventures’ Scott Crist whom we interviewed as part of a series of 1x1s with energy venture capital pioneers last month (page 14 in this report). Scott introduced us to Sergio Tuberquia, an oil patch veteran who helms equipcast, a machine learning-based smart oilfield solution that provides production optimization. The company provides a very simple, low low-cost platform for operating and monitoring oil wells that have yielded savings of $7.5M in lost production, 70% in operational efficiency increases, 30% fewer technicians, and 60% less hardware (as part of a series of customer case studies). If U.S. shale is to live to fight another day then companies like equipcast will likely be part of the solution and could possibly lead to upstream companies eventually outsourcing their production capabilities (a radical, but plausible idea). Think about equipcast an uber and the well as its passenger.
EVRISI OFS Invest with James West Episod
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