Imagine having the performance health of every oilfield instrument in the palm of your hand? 

Who is equipcast? 


M E A S U R E     M A N A G E     A U T O M A T E     O P T I M I Z E


An Oil & Gas Intelligence SaaS company. Our Cloud based technology ECSecondSight™ is holistic Upstream solution. Designed for dynamic oilfield management in real-time to optimize production and lower costs. 


ECSecondSight™ provides interoperable oilfield production models. Its proprietary prognostic self-learning operational models automate complex surface and subsurface workflows. Both physics based and data driven models are applicable. 

How does it work?

Upstream data technology stacks 

 ECSecondSight™ is applicable to the entire upstream data stack unlike other solutions.  It's based on a modern architecture similar to that of Netflix™ or™. It provides line management the ability to view dynamic changes in oilfield operations.


ECSecondSight™ is able to deliver advanced analytics from the well to field to global operations at a much lower cost. A non-SCADA architecture is available to eliminate redundant oilfield hardware and save the operator further costs!

Industry recognition

 Equipcast has been selected to participate at leading Oil & Gas industry events to present their game changing technology.