W h O  i s   e q u i p c a s t ?


M E A S U R E     M A N A G E     A U T O M A T E     O P T I M I Z E


Equipcast is a SAAS company that monitors the health of complex Oil Fields & Petrochemical Plants. Our Smart Indicators provide real-time equipment health insights. This allows an operator to be proactive in lowering costs and increase uptime. 

h o w   d o e s   i t   w o r k ?

B r i d g i n g   t h e   g a p

Operators can now offer prescribed maintenance actions in real-time to their field crew. ECSecondSight™ can integrate maintenance data into operational models. It determines what actions can lead to recommendations to reduce downtime of the equipment. ECSecondSight™ is designed to let the operator know that current maintenance processes are not working.