o e m   a g n o s t i c

Equipcast's advanced technology provides a 'First of Kind' in oil field operations. By going beyond the production well, ECSecondSight™ has the ability to provide a capability that has not existed before. 

h o l i s t i c   v i e w

ECSecondSight™ provides a Condition Based Monitoring solution that goes beyond SCADA & Data Historians. It can be applied to maintenance systems down to each individual sensor. Equipcast's operational modeling capability enables operators to optimize field activities and production.

f e a t u r e s  &  b e n e f i t s

Machine Learning - mitigate risk and increase asset reliability with self-learning custom operational models.
OEM Agnostic Benchmarking - assessment of all equipment types onshore and offshore to verify Long-Term Agreements.
Prognostic and Condition Based Monitoring - Early understanding of oil field behavior to improve overall performance. 
Smart Indicator Performance Envelopes - increase production metrics holistically by measuring pumps, compressors and surface production network in real-time vs parameters. 
Optimizing Performance of Mission-Critical Resources - Reduce manual inspection effort to allow personnel to focus on higher value activity.