Darcy Partners Applied Analytics Forum for Oil & Gas

Wow! What a great demo session equipcast inc. had last week at Darcy Partners Applied Analytics Forum for the oilfield! We provided a live demo of our product ECSecondSight™. It's the industry’s first Cloud based upstream solution designed for operators to provide holistic dynamic oilfield management in real-time. When it comes to production optimization, you have to go beyond the production well! Some of the use cases that we reviewed were:


1) Reduce Well Downtime - Reduce unplanned compression downtime and planned shutdown for gas lift compressor installation and maintenance.

2) Artificial Lift & well workover activity - Reduce the frequency and length of the time wells are off-line in the field. Any artificial lift type is applicable. Data driven, physics or empirical models can be applied.

3) Facility Design - Reduce facility design and construction costs by applying your best practices on holistic oilfield models.

4) Wellhead or Data COMM’s? - Reduce time and save money on figuring out whether the wellhead instrumentation is down or is the Data COMM’s hardware?