Equipcast Announces Smart Indicators - Oil & Gas Industry

Equipcast Announces ECSecondSight™ v1.2 with Smart Indicators, Transforming Asset Health Methodology for the Oil & Gas Industry


Equipcast utilizes Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to provide the industry's leading Operational Health and Performance Optimization solution. We simplify and improve operational processes by discovering value from the complexity of equipment and maintenance data.



Equipcast is proud to announce the release of its enterprise solution ECSecondSight™ v1.2 with Smart Indicators providing a first-of-its-kind risk, reliability, and predictive health system that encourages a proactive maintenance approach, leading to increased uptime and lower costs. 

By monitoring and constantly refining operating relationships across a multitude of asset types, components and sub-components, ECSecondSight™ with Smart Indicators, unlocks a wide range of distinct features and benefits, that include: 


  • Machine Learning - mitigate risk and increase asset reliability with self-learning custom operational models.
  • OEM Agnostic Benchmarking - assessment of all equipment types onshore and offshore to verify Long-Term Agreements.
  • Prognostic and Condition Based Monitoring - Early understanding of oil field behavior to improve overall performance. 
  • Smart Indicator Performance Envelopes - increase production metrics holistically by measuring pumps, compressors and surface production network in real-time vs parameters. 
  • Optimizing performance of mission-critical resources - Reduce manual inspection effort to allow personnel to focus on higher value activity. 

“With the latest version of ECSecondSight™ with Smart Indicators, an operator can now monitor the health of an entire oil field, apply predictive analytics to a facility, or model the reliability of equipment such as an Electric Submersible Pump," said Sergio Tuberquia, CEO of Equipcast Inc. 


“Equipcast is leading technological change and building strong and sustainable economic benefits for the Oil & Gas business. Our vision is to disrupt the market by simplifying ownership whilst leading in industry monitoring standards and ensuring cost effectiveness.” 


About Equipcast Corporation: 

Equipcast Inc. is an industrial intelligence company. Our solution, ECSecondSight™ with Smart Indicators, monitors the health of complex industrial ecosystems in real-time and predicts the potential of operational issues. This leads to an empowering of operations personnel to increase uptime and lower costs. Our solution can reside on premises or in the cloud. Equipcast is headquartered in Houston, Texas with an office in Rosario, Argentina. 

Further information please contact: 

Sergio Tuberquia