What Innovations Should an Oil & Gas Operator be Focusing On?

h o l i s t i c   o p e r a t i o n a l   m o d e l s

Making sense out of a large amount of equipment and maintenance data is the objective of Equipcast.


Imagine as an Oil & Gas operator to have the ability to view an overall holistic single risk indicator for the entire asset? Hundreds of wells at once in real-time? Use a robust drill down capability to analyze unlimited subcomponents? The Reservoir & Artificial Structure’s Data?

M a c h i n e   L e a r n i n g   R e l a b i l t i y

What if you could assess the entire maintenance integrity and reliability risk of an entire oil field across thousands of acres? How about an offshore platform topside systems? Subsea systems?

  • Imagine being able to monitor the overall Health Index of your asset and then quickly pinpoint any issue that might be affecting reliability.
  • Imagine an OEM agnostic solution where you can benchmark your mixed fleet.
  • Imagine an intuitive and self-learning system customized to your operation.

O E M   A g n o s t i c

Well it exists today! 

Equipcast's advanced technology provides a 'First of Kind' in oil field operations. By going beyond the production well, ECSecondSightTM has the ability to provide a capability that has not existed before! 

b e n e f i t s

  • Increase Resource Efficiency from 3% - 5%. 
  • Increase Production up to 5%.
  • Minimize Engineer's 'Desk' Time.
  • Mitigate Risk with Self-Learning Custom Operational Models.
  • Prioritize Economic Value of Assets.

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