O&G Operators Visit “Sick” Patients

“In the old days, an operator would get in his truck, drive around and check every pad, check every well, make sure everything was okay,”…“That’s like a doctor driving around to everybody’s house to see if somebody’s sick. There’s a lot of inefficiency in that.”


Using big data analytics and filtration software, Hess Corp. eliminated waste by making sure the operator only visits “sick” patients. “When the operator goes there, he knows exactly what the problem is, and knows exactly how to intervene,”…it’s reduced our cash operating costs by 32% - COO Greg Hill, Hess Corp. 


These are great quotes from an article that I discovered on the Hess Corp. website. Oil & Gas Operators could realize similar results incorporating Equipcast’s Machine Learning Oil & Gas Prognostic Solution. 


At Equipcast, we have the capability to let an operator know not only what “sick” well to attend to but also enable them to build artificial lift operational models for each lift type. 


Our Oil & Gas optimization solution integrates all of your current operational data i.e. reservoir & artificial structure’s. Thus a ‘First of Kind’ Holistic view of entire Oil Field including the facilities in real-time for the industry (see below the "sick" wells).