Modern Data Digital LTSA Agenda

Looking forward to the Internet of Condition Monitoring (IoCM) Symposium produced by® and Uptime® Apr 24-28, 2017 Las Vegas, NV. This the agenda of my speaking topic - How a Modern Data Digital LTSA / CSA Platform Architecture Can Assist Companies with Equipment Uptime.



  • Safety Moment


  • Definitions
  • 6 Thoughts to Communicate

Digital Disruption

  • Lean Manufacturing & MVP
  • Industrial Disruptor
  • Industrial (MDA) Modern Data Architecture  

Uptime - LTSA / CSA

  • What’s the Magic? - DOR (Dynamic Operational Risk) Asset Health for Long Term Asset Degradation 
  • Response Time - P-F (Point of Failure) Curve
  • Constraints of LTSA / CSA Service Models

MDA Examples - Plant & ESP (Electronic Submersible Pump)

  • Plant
  • ESP (Electron Submersible Pump) 

(EHM) Equipment Health Management view 


Q & A