Equipment / Asset Health Management – Google and Existing Barriers to Entry in smart fleet management solutions

So what does EHM (equipment health management), Google and existing barriers to entry in Smart Fleet Management solutions in Oil & Gas, Aerospace and the Energy industries have to do with one another? Well, both Google and the industrial sector deal with a unique and dynamic environment that involves an intensive infrastructure with a great amount of capital invested. This infrastructure supports mission-critical global operations centers that expect a high-level of availability and reliability of their assets. One of the key challenges is that a lot of today's IT infrastructure was not designed to keep up with the growth of the sensor data that is being produced by equipment in the industrial sector. The sector can at times dismiss digital companies such as Google when industrial analytics is brought into the picture, but when Google ranks as the second largest company in the F500 by Market Cap; there is something to consider in their digital asset strategy and capability. Back in the early 2000’s, Google had a key challenge to figure out how to index the exploding volume of content on the web. Google invented a new style of data processing known as MapReduce to mange large-scale data processing to be used on commodity based servers.  See the illustration below for a digital EHM reference platform:

This world-wide data processing cost saving technology is available and is being consumed by some the largest industrial companies that involve transformational data analytics and industrial data integration.  A couple examples would be aircraft optimization or predictive equipment maintenance.  When you combine the Google data processing technology and Industrial Data Science, the barriers to EHM could drop dramatically and Smart Fleet Management solutions to help achieve Risked Based Operations are within reach.