Advanced Analytics & Maintenance Optimization - In Pursuit of Value

Whether you’re operating a Plant in Beaumont, Texas or an Offshore Platform in the North Sea, the added complexity of maintenance optimization is constrained by the availability of the ‘siloed’ operational data within the supply-chain that is managed both by the operator and the service provider. If you refer to the Point of Failure illustration below and take in consideration all of the different data sources that could affect your maintenance optimization goals? What are the ideal KPI’s that would you incorporate in maintaining the ‘Up-time’ of your equipment vs. the OEM’s platform capabilities that are not available today? 

Open-Source software is offering an alternative transparent OEM Industrial Data Science capability to the end customer that was not available before. Machine Learning & Empirical / Physics based Operational Models can be applied or combined to create an “Internal’ Digital LTSA / CSA platform that can further assist in the optimization of your assets with your desired KPI's in mind.